Job Details

Stream is looking for an exceptionally skilled and experienced backend developer to work on Stream's core API technology. Your are comfortable building programs with both Python and Go. You will work on making our API service faster, more scalable, improve our analytics service and help our data science team with personalization. Part of your job will be rewriting part of our existing stack to perform orders of magnitude faster.

What we offer

  • Chance to work on nice-to-have problems
  • Competitive salary based on your skills and experience
  • Equity

Our stack

  • AWS / Softlayer / DO (on multiple datacenters and regions)
  • Python/Django/Celery/RabbitMQ
  • Cassandra/Postgresql/Redis/Memcached
  • Some services in NodeJS / Ruby
  • Alpha services in Erlang and Golang
  • Puppet/CloudInit/Terraform/Cloudformation


  • No telecommuting
  • Agencies are OK


Must have

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in Computer Science or prior engineering experience
  • Experience building complex high performance software
  • You are fluent with Python
  • Comfortable with Django
  • In-depth experience with SQL database
  • Memcached/Redis

Bonus points

  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience with NoSQL databases
  • Machine learning and data analysis experience (preferably in Python)
  • Experience with Erlang / Elixir / Akka
  • Experience working on open source projects

Desired Skills

How To Apply