Job Details

Use Python/Django and the Admin system to build an intranet to manage a business workflow for a user base of about 40 users, through a Postgres DB with many tables and millions of rows.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


  • Customize the Django Admin on a large database of millions of rows (Postgres)
  • Write well structured, durable, DRY, tested Python code using the Django ORM, and Django Admin
  • Big O performance analysis against SQL db
  • Opportunity to architect and own solutions and projects
  • Create and edit html templates in the Django Admin
  • Adapt code to be accessed through Django Admin Actions
  • Adapt code to REST api
  • Learn the business logic of the database, and help provide marketing visualizations
  • Understand PLPGSQL (Postgres stored procs) for integration from Python
  • Write unit tests to be run in a CI system
  • Revision SVN and Git knowledge
  • Be happy working on-site, in a team environment

Desired Skills


How To Apply