Job Details

Use Python, Jenkins, Git, Linux, VMware on virtual private servers to build and manage a CI workflow for both an internal Python and external PHP developed projects.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


  • Be passionate about server and system automation with Python (Salt Stack, Ansible, Fabric, etc)
  • Write well structured, durable, DRY, automation code.
  • Be able to code against the Django ORM as necessary to instrument different systems
  • Setup and maintain remote adminstration of VPS system - Linux
  • Setup and maintain Jenkins and Jenkins jobs
  • Be able to administer Git, and idealy be a resource on the team for git workflow concepts (e.g. a rebasing workflow)
  • Revision SVN and Git knowledge
  • Setup and maintain code reviews, using Gerrit or something else.
  • And use and integrate the workflow into Jira ticket tracking (like git commits in comments)
  • Design and manage HA and backup/recovery for our production environments
  • Have basic of Postgres and SQL knowledge, ideally some adminstration experience
  • Experience with vmware and/or other virtualization systems.
  • Maintain developer workstation - virtual servers, dev environments
  • Design and maintain integrated and full automated test environments in the CI system using virtualization

Desired Skills

Ubuntu VPS Continuous Integration

How To Apply