Job Details

Our ideal candidate is an experienced, full-stack Python developer with a passion for building simple, but comprehensive REST APIs.

CPD are developing our Django/REST based API to our database of UK commercial property. We need additional developers that can help develop, test and document all new and existing functionality required by our customers and for in-house purposes.

The successful candidate will be responsible for all technical aspects of the API services, from collecting and managing the bug reports, feature requests and other requirements in our issue tracking system, managing the necessary updates to our API documentation, build systems, test cases, database schema changes, release planning and of course the coding and debugging too!

As a small team, we are looking for a keen, agile and enthusiastic team member that is willing to take an active, leading role in their area of the business, and take on the wider responsibilities of developing and managing it over time. Ideally, we need someone who can assume the role of the ‘go to’ person for all questions, comments or issues with our API services, while diligently work behind the scenes to ensure that reported issues are being handled at a reasonable pace.

The successful candidate will have the full support of the Technical Director, who will be available to listen, advise and assist with issues as required.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


Considerable experience developing real-world applications using the Django REST Framework, Python, JavaScript (JQuery), HTML5, CSS3.

Extensive experience of Python development, including object-oriented programming.

A thorough understanding of SQL, esp wrt MySQL.

Experience with related services such as Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis etc.

Experience building and consuming RESTful web services, and testing them.

Comfortable working in Linux environments, and with tools suck as Vagrant/Docker.

A strong belief in test-driven development, and preventative coding.

Experience in Linux systems and network administration would be a significant advantage.

A tendency to report or fix things that need fixing, instead of ignoring them.

Happy to document their work and assist in maintaining the larger body of documentation.

Desired Skills

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